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Mr Ninja’s GF’s birthday gift

Mr Ninja’s GF  

Mr Ninja’s GF’s birthday is coming up and he’s planning to buy her a gift. It’s supposed to be a surprise but there’s no way he could surprise her:  

Mr Ninja’s GF doesn’t need to read Mr Ninja’s blog anyway, she just read them in his mind.  

Mr Ninja’s GF is so cool. She’s not even a ninja.  

If Mr Ninja can kill you by snapping your neck… Mr Ninja’s GF can kill you just by snapping her neck at you!  


The Super Secret Gift  

After some really careful planning (and checking his ATM cash reserves), Mr Ninja finally decided he’d buy his gf a brand new phone. Nothing too pricey nor flashy. just a simple communication device. A Nokia 5530 should be fine enough.  

Smart and Sexy, just like Mr Ninja's GF

  The Cost 

  Everything has a cost of course, and this one costs him his planned vacation to some secret beach with his fellow office ninjas. But it’s definitely worth it.